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Expanding on our knowlegebase in high water content crops in untillable environments (grapes, fruits, etc.) our company is dedicated to expanding its vision toward the goal of  eliminating hunger in this century.  We believe that increasing food production and maximizing  scarce water resources are the keys to ridding starvation, and mitigating much of the war and poverty now overtaking the third world.  Our business is built around sound science and field-tested technologies that work and make sense; even for the poorest farmers and growers in the world.

Mixer For Amaizing Blend
Portable Soil Regeneration

Communal Farming in Africa

We are dedicated to serving our customer's needs, and our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We strive to bring you the best in novel, high-value products and quality service.  We provide custom blends of Amaizing Blend for any soil type in any climate.  We can even provide custom on-site mixing, spreading, soil injection and spraying services as may be necessary depending on a variety of harvest yield factors.