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Q.  What is Amaizing Blend?

A.  Amaizing Blend is a patent-pending soil reconstitution technology that is designed to improve plant yields and harvest quality across a broad spectrum of agricultural, forestry, and turf applications.

Q.  How does Amaizing Blend Work?

A.  After a comprehensive soil and climate analysis, a custom Amazing Blend is formulated on site that includes a unique selection of high quality ingredients which can include: 1) "Green" herbicides; 2) Organic pesticides (including biodegradable soaps); 3) Eco-friendly fertilizers (kelp and other sea-based materials), and 4) Water Conservation and Retention (superabsorbents) materials depending on the crop and the soil needs in coordination with the climatic expectations.

Q.  How does Amaizing Blend work in dry or arid climates?

A.  Depending upon the hydrology of the region and the targeted crops, a customized mix of retained and biodegradable superabsorbents is added to the Amaizing Blend formula.  The specific materials are selected to maximize the storage and release of water.  Each granule can retain up to 400 times its weight in water, and can hydrate and rehydrate the soil with each irrigation or rain event.

Q.  Why use Amaizing Blend?

A.  Amaizing Blend will improve seed germination rates, promote fast and uniform emergence, improve stand establishment and ultimately improve yield and quality.  Amaizing Blend also helps reduce plant stress caused by heat spikes and drought by optimizing a plant's use of available nutrients and water.

Q. Will Amaizing Blend work for me?

A.  Amaizing Blend has been shown to increase yields and quality in every plant variety tested thus far.  It is uniquely adaptable for a wide range of soil types, and in a broad spectrum of climatic conditions.

Q.  Is Amaizing Blend suitable for all soil types?

A.  YES.  Amaizing Blend has proven beneficial for plant health in sandy soils and clay soils.  In sandy soils, the added nutrients in Amaizing Blend improved organic content and prevents water from sifting through the root zones, holding water where it's needed.  In clay soils, the expanding and contracting action of Amaizing Blend’s mix of superabsorbent particles can increase aeration, boosting oxygen levels in the soil and increasing water percolation.

Q.  How is Amaizing Blend applied?

A.  Unlike dry particulate applications which can disperse prior to watering, Amaizing Blend is sprayed on using the proprietary corn oil mix that helps Amaizing Blend adhere to the soil until watering or a rain event occurs.

Q.  How often do I apply Amaizing Blend?

A.  Without a pre-application repeated soil analysis this is difficult to say.  Prior rainfall and the type of crop are the primary determinant.  In general, we recommend a fresh application of Amaizing Blend with any new planting, or annually.  The focus is on ensuring that Amaizing Blend is close to seeds, which will help accelerate germination and provide benefits throughout a growing season.

Q.  Is Amaizing Blend safe for all food crops?

A.  YES.  Because Amaizing Blend is a mix of natural and non-toxic materials, each formulation it is safe for use on all crops, including food crops.

Q.  Does Amaizing Blend change the amount of water a plant needs?

A. If superabsorbents are added, Amaizing Blend can reduce water application requirements over the course of a growing season through better water utilization, but it will not change the amount of water a plant needs.  Instead of water being dispersed into the soil or evaporating, water is absorbed by Amaizing Blend’s superabsorbent components and held for the plant to use as needed.

Q.  Does Amaizing Blend change the nature of the moisture it absorbs?

A.  NO.  Amaizing Blend utilizes ingredients that will not trigger chemical reactions.  Amaizing Blend delivers the correct combination of nutrients, herbicides and pesticides needed by the plant and especially at the root zone.

Q.  Will Amaizing Blend cause root rot?

A.  NO.  Amaizing Blend’s selection of both retained and biodegradable superabsorbent granules expand and contract to a physical size determined by water availability.  Each mix is designed to separate soil particles, providing roots with more oxygen and thus decreasing the probability of plants developing root rot.

Q.  Will long-term use of Amaizing Blend affect soil quality?

A.  NO.  Amaizing Blend is specifically designed to improve soil quality irrespective of the soil type.  Repeated application results in improved soil quality and, over time, creates a rich soil environment that helps plants flourish.

Q.  Is Amaizing Blend organic?

A.  YES and NO.  Amaizing Blend can be made in an entirely organic formula.  Alternatively, mixtures could include materials that are not organic-certified.  However, each application utilizes the company’s corn oil dispersant that breaks down over time with soil microbes and improves the soil quality.

Q.  How long does Amaizing Blend remain active in soil?

A.  Amaizing Blend stays active for a minimum of 12 months to several years, depending on the mix and the microorganisms present in a particular soil. We recommend a new application with each planting to ensure optimum efficacy.  With each tilling, the remnant components in the Amaizing Blend will settle into soil and deepen the active zone.

Q. Do I need to reapply Amaizing Blend if I replant due to adverse weather conditions or other seasonal challenges?

A.  Since replanting disturbs soil in the seedbed, Amaizing Blend should be applied each time a crop is replanted.  This keeps Amaizing Blend close to seeds.

Q.  Does Amaizing Blend always require a fertilizer component?

A.  NO.  The need for any of the 4 basic Amaizing Blend components will be entirely dependent upon the unique combination of soil, crop and climate – guided by soil analysis and hydrology.  Our mission is to deliver premium yields and harvest quality.

Q.  Does Amaizing Blend benefit transplants?

A.  YES.  Amaizing Blend is applied with the unique corn oil dispersant that stays put and quickly migrates to the root zone. 

Q.  Does Amaizing Blend improve uniformity across fields?

A.  YES.  Each mix will utilize just the right amount of required components to improve plant nutrition, reduce pests and weed overgrowth, and better utilize available water.  Amaizing Blend decreases plant stress associated with heat spikes and drought.  This helps create healthy, uniform plant development across fields.

Q. Will I always notice a difference in plant development when using Amaizing Blend?

A. YES.  Compared to traditional application and component delivery methods Amaizing Blend will show a definitive advantage over untreated crops in seedling emergence, plant development and overall yields and quality, especially in arid conditions.

Q.  How is Amaizing Blend different from other superabsorbents, such as polyacrylamide formulations (PAMs)?

A.  When additional soil hydration is needed, Amaizing Blend utilizes a mixture of both retained and biodegradable superabsorbents.  None of these contain polyacrylamide which is a known carcinogen. 

Q.  Is Amaizing Blend safe for food crops?

A.  YES.  Amaizing Blend utilizes “Green” technologies that are entirely non-toxic, pH-neutral and safe for any plant.  

Q.  Is residue left in the soil over time?

A.  Amaizing Blend can include retained superabsorbents if the situation requires them.  Alternatively, the mixture can be comprised entirely of organic ingredients which degrade over time.

Q.  Does Amaizing Blend alter soil pH?

A.  NO.  Amaizing Blend mixes are pH-neutral and work well within a broad pH range (6 to 10).

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