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Climate Resistant Crops
Soil Fortification and Water Retention

AGRA Soils Research Group is a private sector harvest maximization company whose mission is to develop specialty soil rehabilitation and replenishment technologies for improving harvest yields in untillable perennial crops (grapes, fruits, etc.) with a new emphasis in improving staple food crops grown in arid regions around the world. 

Our techniques are designed to improve and enrich fertile soils as well as retain water in dry-lands.  These technologies are intended to serve the needs of domestic farmers and growers as well as potentially meet the broader mandates of international organizations like the World Health Organization and the AGRA Initiative (Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa).  Our customers include a broad range of growers; from small vineyards in Northern California to larger growers in the desert southwest.  


We are currently focused on developing new techniques that will provide value for the AGRA Initiative, which was established by The Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2006.  The Alliance is currently working with African governments, other donors, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the private sector, and African farmers to improve the productivity and incomes of resource-poor farmers in Africa.  It builds on and expands Rockefeller Foundation-initiated work in Africa.  http://www.rockfound.org/initiatives/agra/agra.shtml


In support of this effort AGRA Soils is currently focused on developing  "Amaizing Blend" - a proprietary vegetable resin based dispersant system,  designed to adhere to and then embed crop nutrients into depleted soils in dry and arid climates.  This unique and proprietary dispersant system is being specifically designed to work in combination with customized blends of:


1.  "Green" herbicides,

2.  Organic pesticides (including biodegradable soaps),

3.  Eco-friendly fertilizers (kelp and other sea-based materials), and

4.  Water Conservation and Retenion  (superabsorbents) materials


in order to improve delivery of sustainable soil nutrients at the root tip region for longer periods - while minimizing the use of petroleum-derived materials.


Our Las Vegas Headquarters is Strategically Located to Service Customers throughout the Desert Southwest and California Growers
(We specialize soil rehabilitation and water retention in vineyards and orchards, where soil tilling is precluded)